A book fair in my school

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Book Fair Ideas (or How to Survive)

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5 Tips for an Organized School Book Fair

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redoakpta.com Lowry's Books & More is an independent provider of bookfairs.

Enlightened Efficiency for All

What differentiates us from "the big guys" is our ability to provide a customer-friendly book fair tailored to meet your school's needs. Here's how to participate in the Weekday Program Book Fair! See the Books. Visit the book display located at the front entrance to see many of the fun, factual, and sturdy Usborne books.

Watch this video for an overview of what Usborne Books & More is all about and the types of books we offer. Find your school, click “View Fair Homepage,” and select the volunteer button.

Welcome to the Weekday Program Book Fair April 16 - April

A book fair in my school
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