Indian tourism sector emmerging oppurtunities emmerging

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How emerging market growth is changing tourism

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The root of tourism in India can be traced to pilgrimage. Places of pilgrimage provided a firm ground to tourism in the beginning and still continue to be one of the.

8 Emerging Business Opportunities in India


Indian Tourism Sector Emmerging Oppurtunities -Emmerging Challenges and Oppurtunities in the Era of Globalisation INDIAN TOURISM INDUSTRY -EMMERGING CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES IN THE ERA OF GLOBALISATION Dr.

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Tourism: According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, in alone tourism sector garnered trillion and the contribution of tourism industry to India’s GDP that year was percent. The tourism industry employed million people. Appétit – Emerging trends, opportunities and challenges in Indian restaurant industry’, capturing key observations and views of the restaurant owners across Mumbai and Bengaluru regarding the emerging trends in the industry in light of the evolving consumer preferences.

Indian tourism sector emmerging oppurtunities emmerging
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