Locavore movement

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Local food

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Are you a locavore?

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What are locovores?

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Since there is no matter-cut definition of what's left and what's not, many locavores use a current kilometer radius as their guide. The Growing Locavore Movement: A Ripe Opportunity Whether you tout the philosophy of the locavore movement or stand behind the economic theory of free trade, your defenders as well as your detractors will be on hand, ready and willing to share their opinion.

May 20,  · The local food movement has many of the same hallmarks of the organic foods movement, which sprang up in the s to place a premium on foods grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The locavore movement benefits the environment through the ultimate limitation of greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution being released into the air.

The “farm-to-table” process highlights that eating local is better for air quality and pollution rather than eating organic food. The word "locavore" was coined by Local Foods Wheel co-creator Jessica Prentice.

Local food

Inshe and two other San Francisco Bay Area women, Dede Sampson and Sage Van Wing, had hatched a plan to challenge Bay Area residents to eat only foods grown or harvested within a mile radius of San Francisco for the entire month of August.

— Sunset, "Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden," 22 Jan. This week’s closings Fair Food Farmstand | Reading Terminal Market This champion of the region’s locavore movement, a victim of its own success, is winding down its operation after 15 years.

They came up with a catchy name, launched a website, and the movement grew like a zucchini in the summer (Locavore was even the Word of the Year for the Oxford American Dictionary!). Today, all three of the original locavores are .

Locavore movement
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