Mastodon teeth by sybil pittman estess

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The region was how noted for its watermelon production and for other historical crops. Read Sybil Pittman Estess' poem "Mastodon Teeth." What do you think the teeth symbolize? What timeless and cosmic reality might they suggest?

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Mastodon Teeth By Sybil Pittman Estess Class Paper 11/18/13 SYBIL Sybil (originally created inand remade in ) told a story of a girl who was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (also referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder). Sep 15,  · Sybil Pittman Estess' poem "Mastodon Teeth." What do you think the teeth symbolize?

What timeless and cosmic reality might they suggest?

Mastodon teeth by sybil pittman estess
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