Unit 263

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Telephone Isolation Barrier Unit

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26 CFR 263(a)-3 - Amounts paid to improve tangible property.

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To sell keep our Marines safe, we encourage your personal use of OPSEC guidelines when drawing in any online community, introductory, message board or chat room including those that require to be sponsored by military organizations.

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26 CFR 263A-10 - Unit of property.

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A Proud Veteran Community.

Paratrooper Battalion 263 (Bundeswehr)

Honor, Reunite & Share with 1, Military Veteran Members! Search / Locate Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, & Marines.

263 White Oak Rd. Unit C, Clarksville

Thousands have been reunited, spanning from WWII to Iraqi Freedom. Any personal items found in this unit will be returned to the site manager where unit is purchased.

These items are NOT 'being sold' and are not included with the sale. This includes, but is not limited to: passports, tax papers, divorce papers, credit & bank cards, driver .

Unit 263
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